Hang On

Poem 62


Hang on

Hang on

For it has been too long

And all of the things

That have gone wrong

And skated away from what was right and just

With so many things

We haven’t been able to trust

They were actually a must

But because it was us

Doing what was fair and humane

Was just too much

Which in turn

Has left us and the rest of the world

Out of sync

And out of sorts

Out of touch

And we have had enough

Becoming more and more tired

By the day and night

With this brush of reality

From those that seemed

To have gotten a rush

Out of doing such things

And the nefarious acts

That this has brought and brings

That has been felt

By my people

All the way

Deep down to the bone

And unable to find

A real home

To be safe and secure

And simply just left alone

From at least evening until dawn

For we my people must

Hang on

Hang on


Quiet Storm In Motion






Poem 61

For us to be able 

To fit in and blend 

Into and with a system 

And a society 

That was never setup for people 

Like you and me 

Home of the oppressed 

And land of the mistreated 

That never changes with the seasons 

With hateful and racist reasons 

That speaks to nothing more at times 

Than just your complexion 

With no affinity or affection 

Courtesy or correction 

Coming from all directions 

And in dire need of protection 

With no fairness or ounce of care 

Trying to fit in with those 

That believe we don’t compare 

Not here or anywhere 

But so many of us seem 

Just vaguely unaware 

Of the environment and surroundings 

That are around you 

And having something to prove 

To a society that could care less 

About you 

Or what you feel 

But care what you say and do 

Especially when it’s real 

Or gets revealed 

But rather your lips stay sealed 

And prefer us to be docile 

Even if for a little while 

With more frowns seen 

Than actual smiles 

And will sellout one of our own 

Just for a small taste or piece 

Of a false reality 

That is nothing more than fantasy 

And wishful thinking 

Trying so hard to enter that world 

When instead you’re a very rare pearl 

But can’t see this due to 

Countless reasons 

That are just too many to name 

For no matter what we do 

All of this still remains 

Virtually and realistically unchanged 

For we are not seen or treated 

Nowhere near the same 

For this tends to squeeze the brain 

Of those that are truly down for the cause 

And would rather see us rise 

Than continue to fall 

Not just for one 

But instead for all 

So, take a moment and pause 

And take time to see 

The real world around you 

That is evidently 

And clearly 

Causing many to stay asleep 

Barely alive from head to feet 

And being naive to things 

Where there is no option 

Nor have the luxury 

Of doing so 

Going down a path 

But with no real place to go 

With a harsh reality 

That most of us should know 

Fighting over and for things 

That don’t ever include you 

Yet being on a roll 

As it takes its toll 

But too conditioned and programmed 

To see that this isn’t so 

Among those with their hearts froze 

As we witness at all times 

Needing to focus and refocus 

Our efforts and energy

And stay on our toes 

So, in conclusion 

To wrap up this delusion 

And forego further confusion 

As it is high time now 

To stop being and living 

Within an intersection 

An obvious indication 

While under the illusion 

Waiting forever on inclusion 

But rather a victim of seclusion 

With swift detection 

From any angle or direction 

As we are the intrusion 

And believing that 

You fit in where you never 

Have or will 

With delusions of grandeur 

As a common downfall 

That you being truly accepted 

Is the biggest joke of them all 

As we are seen as nothing more 

Than the world’s pollution 

While seeking and searching 

For some kind of outstanding 

And vast resolution 

Arrival of restitution 

When the very systems and institutions 

Frown upon our coexistence 

In every instance 

Living mostly in substandard conditions

Seen as subhuman pieces and pawns 

And not hiding any of this 

And rather open about this 

As it continues to persist 

Attacked if we don’t just go along 

And try to resist 

With no intent 

Of making life better for us 

Ever come to fruition 

For this has been 

The ongoing mission 

And still trying to fit in 

After all that has been done 

Under these conditions 

So, to those brothers and sisters 

I say 

Want and need to convey 

Wake up and come out of 

Your dreamscape today 

Going far above and beyond 

As you’re the dark hands 

That doesn’t fit the gloves 

So, it’s time to just let go of 

This constant illusion 


Quiet Storm In Motion









Poem 60


Tired of being seen 

As a threat all the time 

Each day of our lives  

Witnessing and watching 

As so many don’t hesitate 

Or even blink to cross the line 

Of no return 

Feeling the burn 

And no one has even learned 

From the ugly past 

And wondering just how much longer 

Will this madness last 

And felt inside  

Felt outside 

Tears streaming from many eyes 

And no one seems to care 

About the unfair 

The despair 

Or to be victimized out of nowhere 

Just for merely standing there 

Being there 

Without even having to do a thing 

As no real freedom rings

And watching what happens next 

On the right and the left 

And not seeing the world  

In front of you 

And around you 

At its best 

Because so many could care less 

And seem obsessed 

And hellbent on ruining us 

Without any hassle or fuss 

And still would prefer 

That we sit still 

All back of the bus 

Sparks easily made 

Like a live wire 

And unable to extinguish 

Yet relish 

At this blazing fire 

Making us lower 

So, you can feel higher 

But one thing you can be sure of 

And certain of 

As time continues to expire

Is that we are very 


Sick and tired 


Quiet Storm In Motion







Thoughts Expressed

Poem 56 

Strong suggestions

With much needed correction

Feeling the devaluation

The devastation

The trepidation 

The situation and variations 

Along with the many subjects 

Of issues and complications 

Just plain tired of always having 

To put up a fight 

Against those that never feel 


Just to be precise 

As this is me being 


All of the wrong 

Instead of the right 

And tend to stand and sit 

Underneath cold dim lights 

Taking hits and bites 

And enough to make us lose 

Our appetites 

Degraded and frustrated 

Encapsulated and dominated 

Persuaded and manipulated 

Feeling discriminated and castrated 

Living life out of focus 

And pixilated 


Going through things 

That only happens to us 

And enough is enough 

For its all become too much 

And as such 

Change is very much needed 

And wanting it to be abrupt 

Tired of living life rough 

Tired of life being so tough 

And feeling out of sorts 

Along with out of touch 

The torch with no flame seen 

With some of us not even 

Making it pass our teens 

In age and years 

For there is so much fog 

In our atmosphere 

For this is the world to us 

As it appears 

To those with dark skin here 

And has gone hand in hand 

As the handle to the spear 

But I digress 

Seen as less 

Always put to the test 

Having to keep various things 

Close to the chest 

Yet also needing a vest 

Or so it seems 

Trying to live in a world 

That sees us as dirty and unclean 

And waiting for the right opportunity 

To have someone intervene 

On our behalf 

And jump over the fence 

To much greener grass 

And not be temporary 

Or just a mere moment 

But rather stick around 

Stay and last 

To hit the ground running 

Pure hunting 

And go leaps and bounds 

Beyond times past 

Become vast 

With nothing more 

Or nothing less 

Through every second and minute 

Of the hourglass 

And met with much success 

For this is just a token 

Of my thoughts expressed 


Quiet Storm In Motion