Poem 154


The nights 

Are a duration of time

That much takes place

Both inside and outside

Things lurking

And many searching

With watchful eyes

For the night is upon us

And the moon shines

The time where darkness prevails

And feels compelled

To leave and exudes

Its very essence there


And curious

As to what 

The night will bring

Rest and calm breathing

Or tears and suffering

Along with both good

And bad memories

For the night seems

To seek the answers

And experiences of such things

Go quiet and silent

Or even let out noises

That creep and sing

But which one will it be

Just what will occur


When the night falls upon us all

Could we be 

In for a treat

Or a rude surprise

An awakening

To a dream on the rise

During the deepest sleep

Or plagued by a nightmare

With fear in the eyes

And in the midst of a heap

Of sustained and inner troubles

Or slowing down and settling a bit

From a heart rate that was double

But now can breathe and relax

As the night winds down

And all questions from the day

Answered and asked

Or at least in ways

That bring the thoughts to an end

For the night is where

The moon and stars

Pick up and begin

For during this duration of time

Much is being done wrong

And maybe some right

For this is how I picture

And capture

What mostly takes place

During the nights


Quiet Storm In Motion



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