Poem 152


Just another reminder

From me to all of you

As I continue this piece

The healing cure part two

A relaxer

An elixir

To be taken in

Both externally and internally

And taking through our very skin

That is wonderfully sundrenched

Time and time again

The cure of cures

Being ever so pure

And making us whole again

After all that we have endured

And rest assure

That this and such much more

Is sorely wanted and needed

The true feel of a victory

And no longer feeling defeated

Lost or depleted

For this cure can take away

Those things inside

That have felt so mistreated

Harshness and vileness

That has not only been experienced

But also committed to memory

For it’s time for us to be


And awaken the sleeping giant

That is deep within our core

To truly feel this melanated energy

And sun fed synergy

Buried and built inside

Every one of us

And remains the very epitome

Of the original hueman genes

And all else in between

If we so deem

To restore 

And pour this into and unto

Our melanated core

For we were made and constructed

For so much more

The sunlight injection

Into every single 

Melanated section

Natural selection

As we live and breathe

And possess

This melanated pigmentation

And fascination

Not the lowest of people and races

Or the Earth’s degradation

Don’t be shocked or surprised

For we are comprised 

Of the very substance

That drives and contains 

The very universe within

With all of this naturally

Built into our dark skin

The very beginning and end

So know your worth and value

Because it does not depend

On the rest of the world

Stop seeing self as an illness

Or cancer

Instead of a rare pearl

With the very ingredients

Baked into your skin

For in no way 

Shape or form

Is this not a win

You are not a curse

But rather need to embrace

The spiritual within

In order to unlock

Your true self and potential

The resides and hides


For you don’t ever have to pretend

Ever again

The healing cure

That is natural and pure

And is very much wanted by others

Despite what they 

May think or say

And making you feel bad for having it

By the night and day

For you are the walking 


Melanated embodiment

Of such vastness and energy

That was made and sent

So its time to be

Exactly who we were meant to be

Hear me and see

Realize and just be

And reach for the sunny skies

That is seen and embraced

With these melanated eyes

And with skin

That just absorbs the sun’s rays

Permanently built in and conveyed

For the rest of our natural lives

And staying very pure

For this is truly what we are 

And naturally represent

As the healing cure


Quiet Storm In Motion








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