Poem 150


As we feel out of the tree

We soon learned afterwards that

Many of us will go through

Hard times and hard lives

The very kind

That would open any pair of eyes

And quickly indicate what

Lies inside

Falling from grace

And from a place

That has us all

Completely out of sorts

And out of our element

Both from those here now

And from those who came and went

Yet to the extent

That we don’t really see or gather

The whole picture

That lies before us

And to what end

For we my people must realize

And come to grips with

Just how all of this began

And what would need to take place

To save face

And be able to climb up this tree

Once again

But this time stay there for good

For we need this as a people

To be more than just understood

Stand and take action

Gather some traction

And live beyond

Just mere satisfaction

And get back to what’s more important

Instead of continuing on a course

That leads to nowhere

Dodge the unfair

Come back from despair

And begin to care more

About the vital things

And to what this could bring

Or continue on suffering

And asking why

Black and blue tears falling

While looking towards the sky

As we must come full circle

And return back spiritually

As things really do appear

As bad as they seem

And will get even worse

Without our unity

And gathering


For if we don’t change this now


We will continue further down 

The destructive path

That will only repeat the very same acts

In the first place

That cause us all

To fall out of the tree


Quiet Storm In Motion





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